Turning wonderful drawings into awesome figurines.

Crayon Creatures is a service to turn children’s drawings into figurines; nice looking designer objects to decorate the home and office with a colorful touch of wild creativity.

Children drawings are weird and beautiful.
Kids produce an immense amount of drawings that populate fridges, living rooms and workspaces of parents, family & friends.
Those drawings are amazing, we love them.

Here you can turn those drawings into a sculptures.

We will bring to life the kid’s artwork by modeling a digital object and turning it into a real thing using 3D Printing technology.


Size: Around 10cm / 4 inches (longest measure)

Material: Sandstone. 3D Print by Shapeways
 The material is gypsum-based powder that is bound together with an adhesive and simultaneously embedded with an ink jet head. The products are then finished with cyanoacrylate (same stuff super glue is made of) sealant to ensure durability and more vivid colors.



$199 / international shipping included

Additional figurines from the same drawing are $99.

Contact us for details & custom projects.


  • The figurines are hard, rigid and slightly brittle.

  • This material is not watertight, not dishwasher safe, not recyclable, and not food-safe.

  • Intended for decorative purposes. Not suited to be used as toys or to be given to underage children. Keep away from heat, water and avoid contact with electricity.

  • The colors used are similar to Inkjet Printer coloring, which fades when wet.

  • This is not a toy, it is a keepsake, memento, souvenir, reminder, remembrance, token….

  • it is not something to give to small kids: it may break and the material is not food-proof.

  • It will look better on your shelf than on a child’s mouth


How do we make the figurines

Made to order piece, digitally modeled one by one by a skilled 3D artist & produced with the latest manufacturing technology.

The figurines are two-sided symmetrical, this means that you see the same from both sides.

If the drawing is frontal, like a standing character, it will have a face in the front, and a face in the back.
Best results with drawings that feature a character in its profile.
Kids tend to draw from the front or the side anyway.


Hollow models: Some figurines, due to the nature of the drawing, look better if very inflated, this requires to make the model hollow, in order to keep the production costs down and use less 3D-printing material.

The Story

The idea came one morning when my daughter asked me to make one of her drawings as a toy with my DIY 3D printer, and I did it. She was totally satisfied with a monochrome plastic version of her drawing, but I wasn’t. I felt that something was lost in the translation from drawing to thing. That was the color, the scratches of crayon that make a children drawing so unique and expressive were lost.

So I re-design it to be 3D-Printed in Color and the result was awesome! I really liked the output.

The figurines look like those vinyl designer-toys but more authentic, more crude.

Friends and family instantly loved the figurines, and then I thought that if I like something, then, someone else in the world might like it as well.

So, taking advantage of the web and digital fabrication, I decided to turn it into a service to offer it to everyone.

About 3D Printing

3D printing is a process of making object  from a digital model by using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes. 


A project by cunicode.com
Designer: Bernat Cuni

We are based in Barcelona, and ship internationally.

Service also available for bulk orders, special projects and collaborations.
contact for any question or comment.